It was the year 1500 when the Sforza Fogliani family settled in the lands near the ancient village of Vicobarone in Val Tidone, in the hills of Piacenza, on the border between Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. The property comprises almost fifty hectares of land and a villa from the early twentieth century in the centre of the village, opposite the seventeenth-century Oratory of San Rocco.

The vineyards are spread over two estates, Badenigo and Solana, at an altitude of between 160 and 250 metres: almost 14 hectares of vineyards – now converted to organic farming – with south-east and south-west exposure. Only the grapes from the best plots are used to produce Marinferno wines: aromatic Malvasia di Candia, Ortrugo, Barbera, Bonarda and Pinot Nero.

The Monferrina farm has been recognized as a historic business in the area, having existed for more than five hundred years and it has always been focussed on wine production. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the main activity was the sale of grapes from the farms of the property, the production and resale of bulk wine started in the forties and bottling was added in the sixties to complete the company’s production cycle.

In 2016 the winery was reborn with a new project, Marinferno, which seeks to combine landscape, creativity and hospitality – producing natural and high quality artisan wines as an expression of the local area.


Azienda Agricola Monferrina
Via Diola, 20
Loc. Vicobarone, Ziano Piacentino
29010 Piacenza (PC)

+39 347 359 40 70