We’re just getting started,
and we're having a great time!


Architect and designer, aspiring globe-trotter. In search of an escape, he quite happily found himself playing the role of the farmer after taking over these lands. What wines are in his head? “Naturally dishevelled ones,” just like him.


The agronomist of our vineyards, he was a young producer at the Podere Cornetto winery. Always evolving, he divides his time between teaching and experimental learning. And he’s also a makeshift drone pilot!


A life dedicated to Monferrina, a faithful captain who has survived unscathed for generations. He is the guardian of the order and secrets of these vineyards.


The only woman, for now! From the office, she tenaciously clutches the winery’s management and organisational reins, fortunately with a great deal of patience, bearing the burden of being a (near) teetotaller.

Azienda Agricola Monferrina
Via Diola, 20
Loc. Vicobarone, Ziano Piacentino
29010 Piacenza (PC)

+39 347 359 40 70