Monferrina winery traces its roots back to feudalism, and it has been owned by Sforza Fogliani family since 1500. The winery is situated up on the Piacenza hills in a "borgo" called Vicobarone, in Val Tidone, on the border between the two regions of Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. It spreads over 50 hectares, including also an early Twentieth century Villa at the centre of the village, in front of the historic San Rocco Oratory.

13,5 hectares of the estate have now been turned into vineyards, distributed on two different farms: Badenigo and Solana, located at 160 m and 250m a.s.l., with a south-east and a south-west sun exposure

In 2016 the winery is revived with a new project: a combination of wine, landscape and creativity, able to produce exceptional and locally rooted wines.


Azienda Agricola Monferrina
via Diola, 20 Loc. Vicobarone, Ziano
29010 Piacenza (PC)

+39 347 359 40 70